Parent Handbook

This handbook will be updated from time to time. Parents will be notified and given the chance to review it. At that time, parents will be give the chance to agree to the changes or terminate care.

Children will miss parents and often may cry upon arrival or departure. This is normal while the child is becoming accustomed to a new environment. REMEMBER?. Crying usually stops within a few minutes after the parent leaves.

In order to provide a child with the best possible care, the parents and provider
must keep open lines of communication. This would include discussing any change in the behavior of the child that could affect his/her time at the day care home. It is only through parent/provider cooperation that the goal of quality care can be achieved.

In today?s world, we have many ways to communicate. Texting is one of them. While it is great, it has it?s draw backs. Texting can be used to inform me that you are running late, your child won?t be attending for the day or to inquire about the availability of a drop-in spot. Questions about your child?s day or concerns are best done in person or over the phone.

Mama Dani?s Child Care will be closed for the following holidays: New Years? Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Payment is required for these days.

Provider leave
Mama Dani?s Child Care will be closed for one week during the year for vacations. A minimum two-week notice of these dates will be provided to the parents. I am entitled to full pay for this week.
No exceptions.

Although I will try to be available for work each day, there will be occasions when I am sick or need personal time off. Parents will be notified as soon as possible. Payment is required to me on these days, up to 5 days per year. It will be the parents? responsibility to obtain substitute care on such days.

Providers doctor appointments and other appointments
When I need to be away for a short time (1-3 hours), substitute care will be provided by someone whom the children know.

My primary back up providers are Candace, Richard (my husband) and Jane (my mom).

Child absences
The parent should inform me as soon as possible if the child is to be absent. No refunds or credits will be given in the event of the child?s absence. There will be a $10 no call/no show fee if I am not informed within 30 minutes of normal drop off time that the child will not be attending for the day.

Vacations will be paid in full, prior to the child?s vacation. Payment will be ½ pay a week for up to 2 weeks and full pay for any other time taken. 2 weeks notice must be given in order to use the reduced vacation rate.

I invite you to visit my day care home whenever your child is in my care. However, no visits during naptime unless you are picking up your child. Naptime is typically from 1:00-3:00.

Do not bring your child if he/she has any of the following symptoms;

  • A temperature of over 99 degrees -must be fever free without the aid of medication for 24 hours before returning

  • Intestinal disturbance accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting

  • Has had diarrhea or vomiting within a 24 hour period

  • Any undiagnosed rash

  • Sore or discharging eyes or ears, profuse nasal discharge

  • Contagious: Not on medicine for more than 24 hours

Do not bring your child if he/she has had any of the above symptoms. If he/she develops any signs of the above I will isolate your child and call for you to come and take your child home. I will start calling emergency contacts if I can not get a hold of you within 30 minutes. I expect a parent or an emergency contact to pick up an ill child within an hour of me calling.

If your child has been exposed to any contagious disease such as whooping cough, German or regular measles, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, pinworm, or scarlet fever, keep him/her at home and report his/her condition to me immediately.

Every effort will be made to prevent your child from being exposed to contagious diseases and other illnesses. You will be notified immediately if my children or myself develop any of the above symptoms. You reserve the right to keep your child home if I choose not to close.

Should your child need to be given medication, I can administer prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs
when accompanied by a written authorization from a parent. The authorization for administering any medication shall be effective for a limited time period not to exceed 10 days, unless otherwise prescribed by a physician. If you feel the need to give your child medication before drop off, I must be informed at or before drop off.

Allergies: If a child comes to day care with a runny nose, coughing, congestion, and the parent feels this is due to allergies I must have a doctor's diagnosis stating what the child is allergic to. Children will not be allowed to attend the day care if they have a fever, persistent non clear runny nose, persistent coughing or diarrhea that coincides with allergies.

First Aid
Scratches and scrapes will be treated with soap and water and a bandage (if needed). You will be notified immediately for anything more serious. For major emergencies which require the services of an emergency medical team, the child will be transported by ambulance (billed to parents). For minor emergencies, you will be notified and you will transport your child if medical treatment is needed. If circumstances warrant, and you cannot be reached, I will get in touch with your emergency contact.

Discipline procedures
Positive reinforcement, redirection and time out are the acceptable forms of behavior management. There shall be no physical or verbal abuse administered.

Rest period
There will be a quiet time daily in which your child will be expected to rest quietly allowing those who need to sleep the opportunity to do so. Favorite blankets and stuffed ?friends? are more than welcome. If your child uses a pacifier please make sure you have one for my house that will not be taken home. If your child cannot take a nap because he/she doesn?t have it you will have to bring me one before 12:30 or come pick your child up.

Breakfast, lunch and snack are provided. The meals that your child receives will depend on the hours that he/she is in care.

Personal Belongings
Children may bring their own toys if their name is printed on them. Please do not send any toys with you child that you would not want them to share. If your child does not share their toy(s) that he/she brings, I will take the toy(s) and hold them till the end of the day. I am not responsible for lost items.

Full Time And Part Time Supply List
The following items MUST be brought prior to the first day of care & be replenished as needed:

1. 2 changes of clothing, including socks (appropriate for the season)
2. A large bag of diapers in the appropriate size.
3. 2 bottles, up to 1 year. At 12 to 18 months at the latest, I will begin using sippy cups full time.
4. Bottle fed Babies: A can of formula. I will use tap water, unless you supply a gallon of bottled water.
5. Breast fed Babies: Please bring an extra day?s supply for my freezer as back up.
6. If on baby food, enough food for a week please.
7. 2 pacifiers, if used.

A reminder will be sent home when your child is running low on diapers/pull ups, formula or baby food.

Once your child has reached finger food stages, I will supply all meals and snacks. I will also supply sippy cups, plates and utensils.

Older children:

1. 2 changes of clothing, including socks (appropriate for the season)

2. If still in diapers: A large bag of diapers in the appropriate size.

3. If potty training: A large bag of pull ups or several training pants and plastic pants.

Trial period and termination of care
Your child’s adjustment is important to all of us. It is, therefore, agreed that a two-week trial period will exist before arrangements for continued care becomes final. At the end of this period, the parents and I will talk about how the child has adjusted to the new setting, realizing that this varies from child to child. At this time, either party may terminate care. After this trial period, a minimum of TWO weeks written notice must be given by the terminating party. Parents may pay two weeks fee instead of giving written notice. If either party fails to live up to the terms of the contract, then termination can be immediate.

I reserve the right to remove a child from my program, after a two week written notice to parents, if I believe that continued care might be detrimental to the child or the program.


 Last update: 2019

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